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Transformation : Initiators & Pace !

While this is a thought provoking 2X2 matrix , let’s look at each of these transformations from the dimensions of (Who) People, (How) Process (When) Time (Why) Purpose in each of them, Negotiated Transformation How : Hold awareness workshops, Debates, Negotiations with BU’s Who : Internal teams When : Timelines are planned against a risk … More


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Hi, I’m Praveen. My purpose in life is to ‘Make & Inspire Possibilities’ .Driven by this purpose, these blog post are my 2 cents to bring agility into everyday life to everyone, both at a personal front and at work .

I am married to Ambika, live with our wonderful kids Maya & Ananth in Singapore . I love spending most of my time with my pet Ginger , kids, wife & family but this blog is for my love of agility and what it can do ..sharing my favorites with you!

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